Skoove Review: The Best Way to Learn Piano Online? (2024)

Skoove Review: The Best Way to Learn Piano Online? (2024)

Skoove is an online piano learning platform that aims to make learning piano accessible, fun, and rewarding. Using popular songs to teach musical concepts, Skoove's interactive lessons provide real-time feedback on your playing to help you progress. With its intuitive interface and structured curriculum, Skoove just might be the best way to learn piano online.

Skoove Overview

Skoove Overview

Skoove teaches piano through an engaging "listen, learn, play" method. The lessons are arranged into courses that methodically build skills and progress in difficulty over time. The curriculum covers essential topics like music theory, technique, sight reading, and playing popular songs.

One of Skoove's standout features is its use of AI technology to listen to your playing through a microphone and provide instant feedback. This allows it to be compatible with both acoustic pianos and digital keyboards.

The platform is accessible on desktop as well as iOS and Android mobile apps, making it easy to practice piano anywhere. With Skoove's structured but customizable courses, students can learn at their own pace according to their skill level.

Skoove Features

Skoove Features

Skoove provides over 500 interactive video lessons across 19 courses covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The lessons include genres like pop, rock, jazz, blues, and classical music.

The "Playground" section lets you practice songs matched to your current skill level. The lessons use excerpts from popular songs to intuitively teach musical concepts.

As you play, the sheet music display highlights the notes in real-time. There is a separate hands mode so you can learn each hand's part independently before combining them. Fun backing tracks are also provided so you can play along with a full band.

Skoove adds new songs and updates lessons every month. You can also get support from professional music teachers via direct messaging.

Learning Experience

Skoove Learning Experience

Skoove offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes learning piano engaging. The step-by-step lessons are digestible and rewarding to complete.

The lessons are structured into "Listen, Learn, Play" stages. You first listen to a preview of the full song to understand how it should sound. The sheet music is displayed visually on an interactive keyboard.

As you play, the notes light up on both the on-screen keyboard and in the sheet music. Skoove listens using your device's microphone and gives you real-time feedback on note and rhythm accuracy.

You can repeat lesson stages as many times as needed until you are ready to advance. This self-paced approach lets you progress through the full curriculum at your own speed. The lesson songs gradually increase in complexity over time.

The curriculum covers both techniques for playing specific songs as well as essential skills like music theory, sight reading, and finger dexterity exercises.

Effectiveness For Learning Piano

Skoove Effectiveness

Skoove is excellent for beginners starting with zero piano experience. It helps make reading sheet music intuitive right from the start.

Music theory concepts like notation, rhythm, and scales are seamlessly integrated into the interactive song lessons. This reinforces key concepts while keeping learning practical and fun.

The real-time feedback ensures you are advancing at the right pace. The structured courses methodically build skills over time from beginner to advanced levels.

Intermediate players can also benefit by sharpening their technique and polishing skills with Skoove. More advanced players can learn new styles and techniques as well.

Skoove lessons will not be as comprehensive or in-depth as working one-on-one with a private piano teacher. The feedback is more limited compared to personalized instruction.

However, Skoove is very effective as a self-paced learning tool for piano students at all levels. The platform breaks down concepts and provides feedback to supplement piano practice.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Available any time to fit your own practice schedule
  • Step-by-step curriculum paced for your skill level
  • Makes reading sheet music intuitive from the start
  • Covers many genres with hundreds of songs
  • AI feedback helps improve your playing
  • Scales difficulty from beginner to advanced
  • Engaging interface keeps learning fun
  • Use any piano or keyboard


  • Feedback less comprehensive than real teacher
  • Can't easily print full sheet music
  • Arrangements are simpler than original pieces
  • Doesn't emphasize scale practice
  • Inconsistent note spacing in sheet music
  • Lessons not adjustable like tempo

Cost Comparison

Skoove offers monthly and yearly subscription options. Pricing ranges from $12.99/month for a yearly plan up to $29.99/month for a single month.

The yearly subscription is the most cost-effective for regular use. Skoove also offers a 14-day money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

Compared to the cost of traditional in-person piano lessons, Skoove provides strong value and flexibility. While not a full replacement for an instructor, it's very affordable for guided online lessons.


Skoove makes learning piano accessible, engaging, and enjoyable. The platform is ideal for beginners looking for structured, self-paced lessons to start playing piano.

It's also great for intermediate players wanting to hone their skills as well as advanced players looking to expand their techniques.

While Skoove does not replicate 1-on-1 lessons, it delivers an excellent self-guided learning experience. The interactive curriculum, feedback, and song variety provide an effective way to supplement piano practice and progress.

Overall, Skoove is absolutely worth considering for anyone motivated to start or continue their piano learning journey. The program breaks down concepts intuitively while keeping the lessons fun.

Best Alternative is Pianoforall

While Skoove provides an excellent starting point for online piano lessons, some students may want to consider Pianoforall as an alternative.

Pianoforall has some advantages that make it a great option as well:

  • All-in-one self-learning piano course with 25+ hours of video lessons embedded on eBooks that explain in detail everything.
  • Covers many styles including pop, blues, jazz, and classical
  • Focuses on playing by ear and improvisation
  • Helps you play any song in any key using chord patterns
  • One-time payment, no subscription required
  • Arrangements sound closer to original songs
  • Created by professional piano teacher Robin Hall

Pianoforall also provides great value with all content included in a single purchase. For students interested in learning improvisation and breaking down songs by ear, it can be a great fit.

Both Pianoforall and Skoove have strengths making them leading online piano courses. Evaluating learning goals and teaching styles can help determine which may be a better match. But overall, Pianoforall stands out as a top alternative to consider alongside Skoove.

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