Worship Piano Music Academy Review: An In-Depth Look (2024)

Worship Piano Music Academy Review: An In-Depth Look (2024)

As someone with a background in music, I've always been interested in developing my skills specifically for playing piano in worship settings. During my research into online courses, Worship Piano Music Academy caught my attention. They advertise a system for learning worship piano quickly and effectively. This review will get into the specifics of their program to help potential students decide if it's the right fit.

Prerequisites for Success

It's essential to note that Worship Music Academy is not intended for absolute piano beginners. The program assumes a basic understanding of piano fundamentals, like how to read notes, basic chords, and some experience playing scales.

If you have zero piano experience, it's strongly recommended to consider a foundational course like Pianoforall first. This will build the necessary skills to make the most of Worship Music Academy's material.

The Worship Music Academy Approach

The core of Worship Music Academy's teaching method centers around "Worship Piano Skill Sets." These are focused tasks designed to develop individual aspects of worship piano playing. This differs from traditional piano lessons, which might cover a broader range of music theory and technique.

Worship Piano Skill Sets
The course breaks down complex piano skills into four primary Skill Sets:

  • 1-5: Focuses on right-hand finger independence and dexterity for melodies and runs.
  • ERH (Easy Right Hand): A simplified playing pattern that can be applied to many worship songs, creating a rich, contemporary sound.
  • ELH (Easy Left Hand): Provides a consistent and easy-to-follow pattern for left-hand playing.
  • ECP (Every Chord Progression): This skill set aims to help students play in any key by mastering a common chord progression found in worship music.

This specialization has potential benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, it allows for faster progress in the specific niche of worship music. However, it may not be ideal for someone wanting to develop well-rounded piano skills applicable to multiple genres.

Materials & Instruction

Worship Music Academy's course is primarily delivered through video lessons, accompanied by downloadable PDFs as support materials. These include practice logs, chord charts, and other resources.

The videos generally offer clear instruction, and the platform itself is easy to navigate. Progress tracking features help students stay accountable and monitor their own improvement.

Course Content Beyond Skill Sets

Worship Music Academy goes beyond just the Skill Sets. It includes sections on music theory tailored to worship music, technique guidance (like using the sustain pedal), and resources for understanding chord charts and lead sheets. Additionally, the course provides bonus videos covering topics like playing under a speaker, ear training basics, and memorization techniques.

Focusing on Worship Music

Worship Music Academy has an undeniable emphasis on contemporary worship styles. The material covers chord progressions, playing techniques, and arrangements often heard in modern churches. This clear focus is a major selling point for those specifically seeking skills within this musical genre. However, those interested in classical piano, jazz, or other styles may find it less applicable to their goals.

Assessing Skill Levels

It's crucial for potential students to honestly assess their existing piano proficiency before enrolling in Worship Music Academy. If the material feels overly simplistic, those with previous experience might become bored.

Conversely, the pace may be too quick if foundational skills aren't solid. It's recommended to check out any available previews or sample lessons to ensure the difficulty level is a good match.

Pricing & Refund Policy

Worship Music Academy offers lifetime access to their entire course for a one-time price of $39. The cost can vary depending on sales or promotions. Their 30-day money-back guarantee is definitely a positive feature, reducing the risk of trying the program if there's uncertainty.


The Worship Music Academy website showcases an abundance of positive student testimonials. These highlight the program's success for many different learners. However, for a balanced perspective, it's wise to seek both positive and potentially critical reviews from independent sources before making a decision.


Ultimately, whether Worship Music Academy is the right choice comes down to a few essential factors:

  • Piano Foundation: Beginners should build basics with Pianoforall first.
  • Musical Goals: Does your primary interest lie in modern worship music?
  • Budget & Learning Style: Consider course cost and whether their method aligns with how you learn best.

Worship Music Academy holds significant potential for those ready to specialize in worship music. If these considerations meet your needs, the course could be a worthwhile investment.

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