Loog Piano by Rafael Atijas: The Perfect Piano for Beginners?

Loog Piano, is a noteworthy addition to the world of portable digital pianos, offering a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication.

Loog Piano by Rafael Atijas: The Perfect Piano for Beginners?

Loog Piano is a noteworthy addition to the world of portable digital pianos, offering a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication. Designed by Rafael Atijas, this musical gem targets both children and adults, promising a musician-grade experience in sound and design.

Project in Focus:

Titled "Loog Piano by Rafael Atijas", the campaign sets out to secure funds for a sleek, 3-octave digital piano that transcends the boundaries between age groups, delivering a professional-grade musical journey.


With an initial goal of US$ 10,000, the project has already garnered an impressive US$ 376,000+ from a community of 1,440+ backers, highlighting its widespread appeal. As the campaign unfolds, backers are offered various tiers, including an enticing Early Bird option at $229 for the first batch.

What is the Loog Piano?

The Loog Piano is not merely a musical instrument; it's a testament to sophisticated design and craftsmanship. Conceptualized by Rafael Atijas, this 3-octave digital piano embodies simplicity and sophistication in its sleek form.

Loog Piano

Boasting 37 keys and weighing a mere 4.7 pounds, it merges portability with functionality. Built-in stereo speakers, a rechargeable battery, and a headphone connector enhance its portability, ensuring a seamless musical experience.

Musical Dynamics Redefined:

What sets the Loog Piano apart is its commitment to authenticity in piano dynamics. Unlike typical keyboards for children, it doesn't compromise on the quality of sound.

Loog Piano in a café

The keys are designed to allow for a nuanced play, mirroring the softness and intensity found in traditional pianos.

A Symphony of Features:

Accompanying the piano is a dedicated app offering lessons and engaging exercises. Adding a tactile learning dimension, Loog Piano also includes screen-free flashcards for chord and scale formation.

Loog Piano Flashcards

Pricing Strategies:

The campaign introduces strategic pricing tiers, with an Early Bird offer at $229, a Kickstarter price at $249, and a bundled option at $299, including a magnetic music stand, carrying case, and legs.

Anticipating Challenges:

The creators, backed by a history of successful Kickstarter campaigns, express confidence in overcoming potential challenges. Prototypes are ready, and the design is complete, underscoring a commitment to transparency.

In Retrospect:

As the fifth Kickstarter venture for Rafael Atijas, Loog Piano marks a continuation of a success story that began in 2010 with an academic project. With a trail of accomplishments, collaborations, and recognition, the campaign is not merely a funding endeavor but a celebration of community and musical innovation.

Key Takeaways

Loog Piano, a portable digital piano designed for children and adults, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. It offers musician-grade sound and design, with a focus on simplicity, quality materials, and an accompanying app for learning.


  • Product Highlights:
    • Description: Portable 3-octave digital piano with built-in speakers and battery.
    • Target Audience: Beginners of all ages and musicians seeking a professional-grade portable digital piano.
    • Differentiation:
      • Focus on realistic piano dynamics, allowing soft to loud playing.
      • Sound engine dedicated solely to piano sound for authenticity.
      • Sonically transparent fabric top for stereo sound projection.
      • Constructed from solid wood sourced responsibly.
  • Specifications:
    • Keys: 37 keys (3 octaves)
    • Dimensions: 18.92 inches x 7.5 inches x 2.71 inches
    • Weight: 4.7 pounds
    • Features: Built-in stereo speakers, rechargeable battery (3 hours life), USB-C, headphone connector.
  • Additional Components:
    • App: Accompanying app for lessons and game-like exercises.
    • Flashcards: Screen-free learning material for chords and scales.
  • Pricing and Rewards:
    • Early Bird: $229 (Limited quantity)
    • Kickstarter Price: $249 (20% off retail)
    • Bundle: $299 (includes magnetic music stand, carrying case, and legs)
  • Shipping and Timeline:
    • Delivery Estimates: March 2024 (for Early Bird backers), April 2024 (for others)
    • Shipping Charges: Not included in pledge, collected separately based on shipping location.
  • Environmental Commitments:
    • Emphasis on sustainable practices.
    • Responsible wood sourcing.
  • Closing Thoughts:
    • The Loog Piano represents the fifth Kickstarter campaign for the creators.
    • Demonstrated success with previous campaigns, recognition, and collaborations.
    • Confidence in meeting estimated delivery times.

This Kickstarter campaign aims to bring a well-designed and authentic musical experience to individuals of all ages, emphasizing quality, simplicity, and environmental responsibility.

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