Simply Piano Review (2024): The Truth About Learning Piano With an App

Simply Piano Review (2024): The Truth About Learning Piano With an App

The piano holds an enduring allure. Its expressive range has captivated composers and listeners for centuries. However, the road to learning this beautiful instrument can seem daunting.

Traditional lessons may be inaccessible due to cost, logistics, or simply finding a teacher compatible with your learning style. This is where technology enters the picture, with popular apps like Simply Piano promising to guide budding musicians from hesitant first steps to playing beloved melodies.

As a pianist, I've witnessed the incredible potential of learning apps as supplementary tools. Yet, skepticism is valid. Can an app truly teach you the nuances of piano technique and musicianship? This comprehensive Simply Piano review aims to illuminate precisely that. We'll dissect its features, pricing, and potential – alongside those unavoidable limitations. Ultimately, this article empowers you to determine whether Simply Piano aligns with your journey into the wonderful world of piano.

Let's begin by unraveling what Simply Piano is and how its approach to learning works.

What is Simply Piano?

What is Simply Piano

Developed by JoyTunes, Simply Piano markets itself as a fast and fun way to learn piano from the comfort of your home. The app primarily functions on smartphones and tablets and delivers piano instruction through a blend of guided lessons and interactive exercises. It boasts a significant song library covering various genres and skill levels, appealing to learners with diverse musical tastes.

The core concept behind Simply Piano is progressive learning. Starting with the absolute basics of note recognition and hand placement, the app guides you through increasingly complex concepts like chords, scales, and reading sheet music.

Simply Piano Cost – Pricing Breakdown

Simply Piano Cost - Pricing

One of the first questions on any potential user's mind is undoubtedly, "Is Simply Piano free?" Sadly, the answer is a nuanced one. While Simply Piano offers a limited free version, unlocking the full potential of the app comes at a cost. Here's the current pricing structure:

  • Monthly Subscription: $19.99/month
  • 3-Month Subscription: $59.99 (equivalent to $19.99/month)
  • Annual Subscription: $119.99 (equivalent to $9.99/month)

It's worth noting that Simply Piano frequently offers promotions and discounts. Black Friday deals, student discounts, and limited-time free trials are not uncommon. Savvy learners should keep an eye out for these to potentially save on costs.

How does this stack up against the competition? Other well-known piano learning apps like Flowkey and Yousician operate on similar subscription models, with minor pricing variations. This emphasizes that continuous access to these digital learning platforms typically incurs recurring fees.

Important Note: It's wise to compare current pricing directly on the Simply Piano website, as promotional offers and slight adjustments to their structure are possible.

How Does Simply Piano Work?

Simply Piano's teaching methodology relies heavily on a few key components:

  • Step-by-Step Lessons: The app breaks down piano playing into bite-sized, easily digestible lessons. These cover fundamentals like finger placement, understanding the keyboard layout, and rhythm basics. You might have dedicated courses titled things like "Piano Basics" or "Chords 101."
  • Listening Technology: A core feature that sets Simply Piano apart is its ability to "hear" you play. Through your device's microphone, the app can detect the notes you play and give instant feedback on accuracy. Whether you have an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard, it functions as your virtual teacher.
  • Sheet Music & Popular Songs: While traditional sheet music reading is part of the curriculum, Simply Piano heavily emphasizes learning popular songs. Its expansive library encompasses everything from classical melodies and movie soundtracks to pop hits, providing motivation for a wide range of learners.

Important Question: Do you need a piano to use Simply Piano?

Technically, no. There are functions within the app for initial lessons. However, to genuinely progress as a pianist, interaction with a real keyboard or piano is essential. The app excels at teaching theoretical concepts, but developing proper technique and feeling the weight of keys under your fingers requires physical practice.

Pros and Cons of Simply Piano

Like any learning tool, Simply Piano possesses both merits and shortcomings. Let's examine these honestly to ensure informed decision-making:


  • Gamification: The app incorporates elements of gamification with progress tracking and rewards, fostering a sense of achievement. This works particularly well for younger learners or those motivated by defined goals.
  • Song Library: With a sizable catalog of popular tunes, chances are you'll find plenty of music that inspires you to practice. This is a key area where Simply Piano may hold an edge over certain competitors.
  • Convenience: No commute means less friction. If busy schedules prevent regular trips to a teacher, Simply Piano offers undeniable flexibility for squeezing in piano practice throughout the day.


  • Limits of Technology: While an exceptional aid, an app cannot fully substitute in-person instruction. Nuances of posture, touch, and musical interpretation benefit from expert human guidance.
  • Technique Development: There's a risk of developing poor habits without feedback on technique. Simply Piano won't correct how you curve your fingers or strike the keys – crucial in the long term.
  • App Performance: Some users report glitches or lagging, especially on older devices. This technical hiccup disrupts the learning experience.

Let's move on to what's undoubtedly on most potential users' minds - is Simply Piano actually worth the price?

The Ideal Simply Piano User

Simply Piano isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are specific types of learners who are particularly likely to benefit from it:

  • Beginners Seeking Structure: Those venturing into piano for the first time crave organization. Simply Piano's step-by-step lessons and clearly outlined goals provide a sense of accomplishment, minimizing the intimidation factor.
  • Motivated by Familiar Music: The app's vast library of recognizable songs offers instant gratification. If learning your favorite movie theme or chart-topping hit keeps you coming back to practice, Simply Piano delivers.
  • Hobbyists with Limited Time: Balancing work, family, and hobbies is a juggling act. Simply Piano's flexibility lets you squeeze in a quick lesson while lunch cooks or during those few minutes after dinner before winding down for bed.
  • Tech-Savvy Learners: Those who adore gadgets and enjoy a gamified approach to learning often find the interactive elements of Simply Piano motivating and intuitive.

Technical Requirements

To get the most from Simply Piano, it's crucial to ensure your setup is compatible and optimized:

  • Devices: The app functions best on smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android) with up-to-date operating systems. While limited functionality exists on computers, the interactive aspect is designed for touchscreen use.
  • Piano/Keyboard: While initial lessons are possible without one, progress requires an instrument. An 88-key weighted digital keyboard is ideal, but even a smaller 61-key model suffices for beginners.
  • MIDI Connectivity (Optional): Connecting your keyboard or piano via MIDI to your device enhances accuracy and feedback in Simply Piano. This can be done with USB MIDI cables or newer Bluetooth MIDI compatible instruments.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Lesson materials, additional songs, and updates require a steady internet connection. Wi-Fi is strongly recommended for seamless learning.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Hearing from actual users brings the Simply Piano experience to life. Here are a few examples (note: these are hypothetical, but you could seek genuine testimonials for added impact):

  • "As a busy mom, Simply Piano is my lifeline to creativity. Carving out 15 minutes after the kids go to bed to learn some Debussy lets me truly de-stress." - Sarah, age 36
  • "Never thought I'd like piano until a friend showed me this app. Now I'm obsessed with unlocking chords to those 80s songs I grew up with." - Brian, age 21
  • "Taking traditional lessons didn't click for me. Simply Piano's visual way of teaching has finally put notes on the staff into clear context." - Emily, age 14

Is Simply Piano Worth It?

Here's the truth: Simply Piano isn't going to transform you into the next concert pianist overnight. Becoming proficient on any instrument takes dedicated practice and often benefits from expert guidance. What Simply Piano can provide is a structured and engaging entry point into the world of piano.

Let's outline a few scenarios where Simply Piano might be a good fit:

  • Absolute Beginners: If you've always wanted to try piano but felt intimidated, Simply Piano can demystify the fundamentals and help you gain basic music literacy in a fun way.
  • Casual Learners: For those wanting to play for personal enjoyment or dabble in popular songs, the app can be an accessible route without the commitment of formal lessons.
  • Supplement to Lessons: Even students with a traditional teacher might find value in Simply Piano's song library or exercises for extra skill-building practice.

Importantly, it's a matter of managing expectations. If your goal is to become a skilled classical pianist, Simply Piano alone won't be enough. But if you seek a user-friendly platform to kickstart your journey or expand your musical horizons, the investment might prove worthwhile.

How to Cancel Simply Piano Subscription

Life circumstances change, and deciding to discontinue your Simply Piano subscription is perfectly understandable. The process is relatively straightforward, but there are nuances depending on how you initially subscribed:

  • Apple Devices (App Store):
    1. Open "Settings" on your device.
    2. Tap on your name/Apple ID.
    3. Select "Subscriptions."
    4. Locate Simply Piano in the list of active subscriptions.
    5. Tap "Cancel Subscription" and follow the prompts.
  • Android Devices (Google Play Store):
    1. Open the Play Store app.
    2. Tap on your profile icon.
    3. Go to "Payments & Subscriptions" then "Subscriptions."
    4. Select Simply Piano.
    5. Tap "Cancel Subscription" and follow the instructions.
  • Direct subscription through Simply Piano Website:
    If you subscribed directly through their website, visit the Account section and look for cancellation options.

Note on Refunds: It's wise to familiarize yourself with the Simply Piano's refund policy. This can often be found on their website or help section. Understanding potential eligibility for refunds provides additional peace of mind.

Next, let's discuss some popular alternatives to Simply Piano for learners to have a well-rounded picture.

Alternatives to Simply Piano

The realm of piano learning apps is surprisingly competitive. If, upon reading this review, you're unsure Simply Piano is the perfect fit, a few strong contenders deserve consideration:

  • Pianoforall: Piano for All takes a unique chord-based approach to piano instruction. It focuses on quickly playing popular songs and styles, catering to those seeking more rapid results and flexibility in their musical exploration.
  • Flowkey: Flowkey boasts a sleek interface and well-structured lessons. Notably, it excels in teaching sheet music reading skills and includes many classical selections in its library.
  • Yousician: Yousician takes a broader approach, offering instruction for instruments beyond piano (like guitar and ukulele). Its emphasis on gamification and ear training might resonate with certain learners.
  • Playground Sessions: Co-founded by legendary producer Quincy Jones, Playground Sessions adopts a video-lesson format featuring prominent teachers. It caters to an intermediate audience and shines in genres like pop, R&B, and jazz.

When exploring alternatives, it's wise to take advantage of free trials (if offered) and compare features important to you – be it the song library, instructional style, or overall focus.


Ultimately, the decision of whether to enroll with Simply Piano hinges on your individual learning style, goals, and commitment. It holds promise as a launchpad into piano basics, especially for self-motivated beginners or casual hobbyists drawn to its diverse musical offerings. The convenience and structure it provides have genuine value in an increasingly technological world.

However, be mindful of its limitations. Apps cannot compensate fully for the personalized insights of a skilled instructor. If your ambitions lean towards mastering technical finesse or tackling complex repertoire, seeking in-person guidance will likely become critical down the line.

Regardless of the path chosen, embark on your piano journey with enthusiasm and patience. Celebrate every milestone, savor the beauty of music-making, and let the process be as rewarding as the desired result.

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