Flowkey Review: Why it isn't Enough (2024)

Flowkey Review: Why it isn't Enough (2024)

Apps like Flowkey have surged in popularity as a convenient way to pick up piano through self-paced video lessons. With its large library of simplified pop song arrangements and interactive feedback, Flowkey aims to make learning piano accessible and fun.

But while these apps have benefits, relying solely on Flowkey has significant downsides for effectively and comprehensively learning to play. Instead, using a more complete method like Pianoforall in addition to targeted app practice is a superior path to piano mastery.

The Core Issue with Flowkey: Lack of Foundation

A core limitation of Flowkey is its song-based approach that doesn't build proper technique fundamentals. The app focuses on memorizing the sequence of notes and chords to play simplified versions of popular tunes. But you never establish solid skills like reading notation, proper hand positioning, finger control, and music theory that transfer across songs and styles.

Without rigorously drilling these pianistic basics, you’ll hit walls trying to improve speed, rhythm, expression, and improvisation. You may sound impressive playing some simplified songs, but lack abilities expected from diligent, long-term piano practice. Relying solely on Flowkey often results in shallow, imitation-based learning without deep skill development.

Pianoforall Develops Broad, Versatile Skills

In contrast, Pianoforall by Robin Hall provides a complete foundation across technique, theory, and repertoire. The video course thoroughly covers posture, hand position, finger control, wrist motion, reading notation, chords, scales, and other core piano skills.

Rather than just mimic predetermined melodies, you'll learn to improvise, harmonize, and transpose while applying theory. The course intersperses technique drills with application to motivating song lessons in various genres from classical to pop. This develops well-rounded abilities including sight reading that transfer flexibly across styles.

The Power of a Proven Curriculum and Teacher

Pianoforall’s effectiveness comes from its structured curriculum designed by a professional teacher. Robin Hall has over 20 years experience successfully teaching beginner students of all ages. His full-course curriculum is not just a song database, but a sequenced system guiding you through building proficiency step-by-step.

Flowkey relies on algorithms and user feedback to determine lesson progressions. In contrast, Pianoforall uses a teacher’s expert insight into the optimal order and combinations of skills needed for pianistic success. This human-designed learning trajectory keeps motivation high while methodically building your abilities.

Self-Monitoring Replaces Limited App Feedback

Apps like Flowkey use motion sensing and AI to provide basic feedback on your playing. But the technology has significant blindspots that a real teacher intimately understands. Pianoforall instead trains you to self-monitor by ear and video recording.

Developing your own auditory and visual feedback skills allows you to identify and fix issues like tension, uneven rhythm, and improper technique. With practice, you learn to critically self-assess and correct mistakes rather than rely only on an app’s incomplete technological feedback.

Sustain Motivation by Setting Your Own Pace

Pianoforall’s self-directed lesson format gives you flexibility lacking in apps like Flowkey. With Flowkey, you follow a generic week-by-week path set by algorithms that may not fit your learning style. But with Pianoforall, you can spend longer mastering skills you find challenging while moving quicker through concepts you pick up fast.

When plateaus happen, you have access to demos of the full piece along with options to slow the tempo, loop tricky parts, and transpose to easier keys. You stay motivated by practicing at your own optimal pace instead of feeling tethered to an app’s rigid path.

Unlock Exciting Genres Beyond Pop Songs

Flowkey focuses on teaching simplified contemporary pop and rock songs, limiting your exposure to the piano’s full possibilities. With Pianoforall, you’ll gain skills to play not just pop tunes but also jazz, blues, classical, holiday songs, and more.

The course takes you through different genres and provides sheet music to apply your developing abilities. This keeps learning fun and exciting while building versatility.

Affordable One-Time Cost

Using an app like Flowkey requires a continuous paid subscription typically costing around $120 yearly. But Pianoforall offers full lifetime access for a single $49 payment. Considering the hundreds of hours of lessons and content, this one-time cost makes comprehensive learning affordable compared to apps’ recurring fees.

For well-rounded piano mastery, Flowkey alone simply has too many limitations compared to a complete video+ebook course like Pianoforall. Use Flowkey as a helpful supplement for practicing popular tunes, but not as your sole path to learning piano. Combining the entertainment of apps with the depth of structured self-directed courses provides a superior route to piano excellence.

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